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Brand: MASTECH - Model: MS2208 - Quantity: 1 - Color: Deep green + red + deep grey - Material: ABS - LCD Display: 1.5" - Application: Suitable for the measurement and examination of on-site power equipment and power-supplying circuits - AC current: 2~200A (+/- 2% +5) - AC voltage: 10~600V +/- (1.0% + 5) - Harmonic measurement fundamental frequency: 50/60Hz +-3% - Active power: 0.1W~120kW +/- (3.0% + 5) - Reactive power: 0.1W~120KvAr +/- (3% +5) - Apparent power: 0.1W~120KvAr +/- (3% +5) - Power factor: 0.3 captive to 0.3 inductive +/- (0.02%+2) - Frequency: 30Hz~1000Hz +/- (0.5% +1) - MAX. diameter for conductor 26mm - Measure: Lower to 0.01mA + lower to 0.01W - Powered by 3 x AAA batteries (included) - The digital power meter is a hand-held intelligent harmonic power tester with both functions of digital current testing and power testing - The tester is comprised of three channels including voltage current and power as well as a micro single chip system and it is equipped with a powerful software for measurement and data processing functions; it can measure calculate and display voltage current power factor apparent power passive power frequency harmonic parameters with stable performance and operation convenience - The meter is especially suitable for the measurement and examination of on-site power equipment and power-supplying circuits; with hand-held clamp structure small volume and light weight it can be easily carried by the user which makes it easy and fast for doing measurement. - For measurement of sing-phase power the meter is your ideal choice - Features: - The meter can be used for testing power voltage current peak value phase frequency power factor phase angle and reaction factor etc. of single-three-phase circuit; automatic phase sequence testing is possible for 3-phase measurement - True effective value measurement: accurate measurement is possible even with serious distortion in current waveform - Low-consumption high-speed single-chip microprocessor is employed and sophisticated algorithm is applied as a result results can be obtained rapidly and precisely and up to 20 harmonics and distortion value thereof can be measured - Hand-held clamp-type structure with light weight convenient for carry-on - Packing List: - 1 x Multimeter - 3 x AAA batteries - 2 x Clamps - 2 x Test lead probes (120cm-cable) - 1 x English user manual

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