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Brainy Brain combines neurophysiological theories with psychological, linguistic, and psycho-philosophical analyses; it will be welcomed by those interested in the relationship among language, mind, and the brain. Applied linguistics should be both applicable to the practice and appropriate for educational purposes; thus, it should be a multidisciplinary discipline. Drawing on empirical observations and practical applications, this book introduces the central topics in neurolinguistics and neuropsychological linguistics: biolinguistics, socio-genetic and sociocultural linguistics, semiotic identity process, modularity and micromodularity, mind, memory and learning, and comparative approaches to theories. It moves on to provide an interdisciplinary discussion and practical application on memory pathways. The author considers different fundamental issues: Can mediation simply bridge abstraction to actualization? What biological processes make human communication and meta-communication feasible? Is language phenotypic? Will neural network underlying cognition and phylogeny explain the mind evolution? Do the structures of underlying cognitive and emotional processes show universality?

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