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Create powerful, marketable applications with Tizen for the smartphone and beyond Tizen is the only platform designed for multiple device categories that is HTML5-centric and entirely open source. Written by experts in the field, this comprehensive guide includes chapters on both web and native application development, covering subjects such as location and social features, advanced UIs, animations, sensors and multimedia. This book is a comprehensive resource for learning how to develop Tizen web and native applications that are polished, bug-free and ready to sell on a range of smart devices, beyond just smartphones. Tizen is an open source platform that is housed within the Linux Foundation and is fully supported by Intel, Samsung and the Tizen Association. Professional Tizen Application Development: • Explains how web applications can combine HTML5 features with Tizen device APIs to unleash the full potential of the Tizen platform • Provides detailed, practical explanations of the most important Tizen native APIs • Demonstrates best practices for adding key features like location, contacts and calendars to your apps • Shows you how to use advanced features such as animations, face recognition and sensors to help you create applications that stand out from the crowd • Shares code on advanced topics including multi-threading and hybrid applications • Includes numerous fully functional code examples, for both web and native applications, complete with hints and tips to get the most out of the Tizen APIs Hojun Jaygarl, Yoonsoo Kim, Eunyoung Choi are Samsung engineers working on Tizen. Cheng Luo, Kevin Bradwick and Jon Lansdell are experienced professional developers. Professional Tizen Application Development prepares you to start creating amazing apps for multiple devices with the Tizen platform.

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