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This LED strips are used for decorate hotels, homes, theaters, shopping malls, festivals, etc. with what you can immerse in a different light environment to have entertainments or study. Imitation of the traditional light bulb shape, wider range of applications Does not contain infrared and ultraviolet spectra, without any radiation Soft light, high CRI Good antistatic properties Energy saving, environmental protection, high luminous flux Ultra-low-power electrical, optical power conversion above 95% Solid light source, not damaged Current stability, long life High safety factor required voltage, current smaller, less heat, no security risk Specifications LED Type 3528 SMD (Waterproof) Color White / Yellow LED quantity 300 LED / 5 Meter Operating voltage DC 12V Power 24W/5M Viewing Angle 120 ° storage temperature-40 to 80° Operating temperature -25 to 60 ° Source life > 50,000 hours Package Weight 190g Package Size 15L x 15W x 15H cm Package 1 x 5M 3528 300Led Waterproof Strip Light(exclude IR Remote and Power supply)

Вам дается право купить waterproof 5m smd 3528 led strip light 12v, сначала выбрав лучшие цены. Цена waterproof 5m smd 3528 led strip light 12v берет начало от 225.88 рублей и достигает отметки 5647.07 руб. Такой товар возможно получить аж в 4 хороших гипермаркетах России, среди которых geekbuying.com, zapals.com, dx.com, Aliexpress VIP. В 2017 году допустимая стоимость waterproof 5m smd 3528 led strip light 12v в РФ примерно 934.23 руб. Отзывы про waterproof 5m smd 3528 led strip light 12v крайне хорошие, а бренд хвалят в сетевых обсуждениях почти все покупатели .

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