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Plant Solutions is a brand new contemporary problem-solving guide to finding the right plant for the right place in your garden. Packed with plant suggestions, cultivation notes and companion ideas, Plant Solutions helps you create a suitable and successful planting scheme by finding plants to suit your garden’s needs.This thorough directory will enable you to look up plants based on your needs, whether you have a shady spot, lime soil or an urban garden, or need to consider issues such as autumn colour, pollution-tolerant or low-allergen plants.Every entry has a picture, comprehensive cultivation notes and an extensive list of companion plants that will look good at the same time of year. All these cross-refer to other plants in the book to enable gardeners to build up a ‘palette’ of plants that suit their needs.Big, beautiful, fully-annotated plant scheme pictures show how suggested plants work together and a section at the front of the book gives practical guidance on key issues such as soil preparation and pruning.Plant Solutions is easily navigable with colour-coded tabs for quick reference to sections firstly on types of plant and then on a particular feature/purpose, for example, trees for autumn colour, annuals to attract wildlife or perennials for shade.If you are a gardener with some experience and you are looking for particular solutions for your garden then Plant Solutions has the answers!

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