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An Illustrated Guide to British Upland Vegetation is the first comprehensive, single book on plant communities in the British uplands. It provides concise descriptions of all currently recognised British upland vegetation types. Written by a team comprising some of the most experienced upland field botanists and ecologists in the UK, the book brings together all of the upland communities described in the National Vegetation Classification together with a number of previously undescribed assemblages of plant species.A key enables the reader to classify vegetation in the field. Each vegetation type is described clearly and vividly, with guidance on how to differentiate between similar looking communities. There are detailed sections on the ecology, conservation and management of each community, and up-to-date distribution maps.This is the outcome of many years of field work in the British uplands, much of it supported by the UK Government conservation agencies. The book will be an indispensable guide for anyone with a keen interest in the uplands, notably ecologists, land managers, lecturers, and students, as well as the many organisations actively involved in this special environment.'Using the Rodwell classification, the authors have blended in their own ecological expertise to produce - at last - an account of British upland vegetation which is readable, visual and comprehensive. Its value to nature conservation will be immense.'Dr Derek Ratcliffe, former Chief Scien...

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