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How can the performing arts add value to peacebuilding programs? Is it possible to use participatory theatre to reconnect and reconcile enemies? What is the trauma-healing effect for those acting in a theatre troupe?

Claus Schrowange has explored these questions and the opportunities of using forum theatre in peace work in Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda, and DR Congo. His conclusion is that forum theatre is more than mere entertainment. It is an aesthetic tool for social change.

But the value of theatre is not generated automatically, the way it is done matters. If it is done in a participatory manner with an authentic, be¬lie¬vable acting style, involving both the audience and stage actor in a vivid and touching experience, the impact is immediately felt.

This book presents the approach Schrowange developed together with a team of African theatre practitioners in a variety of circumstances and environments. It is illustrated with case studies taken from the author's direct experience of using the approach he describes in Eastern DR Congo and Rwanda.

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