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“No More Walls!” provides an in-depth exegesis of Eph 2:11–22 shedding light on God’s desired unity among all who are committed to following Christ. The research laid out in this book will bring new understanding to the meaning of two aorist participial clauses within Eph 2:14–15. The difficult grammatical structure of both clauses will be discussed within the historical-cultural context of the first-century Greco-Roman world shedding new light on their meaning within the larger literary context of the passage. This research leads to a work statement regarding Christ’s destruction of the ongoing mutual hostility that has long existed between Jew and Gentile for all who obediently follow Him. When Paul said that Christ had made the purity and cultural ordinances of the Mosaic Law optional as part of His redeeming work on the cross in order to reconcile man to man and simultaneously reconcile them together as one body to God, he used a metaphorical image, an image of Christ acting as a general contractor who had destroyed the “dividing party-wall,” between their contiguous residences, in order to place both Jewish and Gentile believer into the one and only family of God.

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