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Leslie Marmon Silko (1948-), dedicated to the cause of reviving Native American culture, is reputed as one of most prominent contemporary Native American writers. She has integrated strong Indian color to her works by perfectly mixing diversified genres into the literary pieces, by connecting the writing closely to nature, and by implementing oral tradition and storytelling. Her writings reflect a profound understanding of Native American cultural heritage and an intense awareness of Indianness. This book probes into the complex nature of Native American identity formation and examines Leslie Marmon Silko’s perception of preserving and reconstructing Native American identity in the big wave of assimilation into the mainstream culture. Ecofeminist conception is explored as a vital scenario in Silko’s writings to elucidate that harmonious coexistence and syncretism is the optimal way to the survival of Native American identity and the maintenance of cultural continuity. The analysis should help contribute some insights into a reciprocity and smooth communication among different cultures in the context of globalization, and should be useful to the study of Native American culture.

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