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Attachment styles are usually associated with attachment to a primary caregiver such as the mother. They include secure, anxious-ambivalent (preoccupied) and avoidant styles of attachment. The focus of this book is on attachment to an adult partner in a close relationship. It examines how the combination of attachment styles to one's partner and to one's primary caregiver is related to couples' conflict beliefs, conflict resolution styles, satisfaction with their relationships and communication accuracy. We conducted two studies to explore these associations. The first study was an on-line survey. The second study videotaped couples dealing with conflict around a major disagreement. We found that relationship satisfaction and conflict beliefs were influenced by specific attachment to the partner. Conversely, positive problem solving, withdrawal and compliance were heavily influenced by more general current conceptualizations of primary caregiver attachment. This book is likely to be of interest to couples' counsellors and family therapists in their understanding of how attachment styles can influence their clients' handling of conflict.

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