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Rare Earth magnets are part of our everyday lives. They can be found in cell phones and other electronic gadgets. With a capability of lifting 400 times the own strength and being 15 times stronger than other forms of magnets; RE magnets are truly amazing. These magnets are coated in nickel which maintains their shiny rust free finish. Of course this 100 pack of magnets are so strong it can be very difficult to separate them once they cling together. They have an extremely awesome force power and can even levitate other magnets when set up properly. They are 2mm thick and have a diameter of 18mm. With great properties like being electrically conductive they can also be used to extend recessed batteries. If you have a child excited to learn about science than these cool magnets will definitely be a treat. Be warned the magnetic field is so strong they can ruin discs and hard drives as well as cause problems for pace makers and other health devices. - Super strong RE (Rare Earth) magnet -- once they get stuck with each other they are hard to break apart - Electrically conductive (making them suitable to extend recessed batteries) - 2mm thick 18mm in diameter

Гарантируем способ заказать super strong rare earth re magnets 20mm x 2mm 10 pack сравнив стоимость в самых главных супермаркетах СНГ и Китая. Заполучить вещь с таким заглавием по-дешевке хотят , между тем стоимость super strong rare earth re magnets 20mm x 2mm 10 pack в электронном каталоге стартует от 138.24 рублей и разная в зависимости от нужной модификации и продавца. Эта таблица предлагает 1 совершенно различных продавцов, и вот их сайты dx.com

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