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This book would be exciting to people that their interests broadly encompass condensed matter physics as a whole but lie in particular in the area of graphene-like 2D materials and in the area of superconductivity. The discovery of graphene opens up the possibility of new and exciting physics in a new class of materials. It was exhibited that single layer graphene can carry significant proximity supercurrents. Fabrication of graphene Josephson junctions enabled me to study the rare intersection of relativity and superconductivity. This initial work was extended to investigate 2D superconducting crystals of NbSe2. Our developed new mechanical exfoliation protocol enabled fabrication and measurement of superconductivity in several 4-point NbSe2 FETs devices. Results obtained on both graphene/NbSe2-FETs were encouraging and naturally suggest a number of extensions to this work. I would be excited to try and explore the combination of graphene and other 2d crystals by fabricating and characterizing such innovative prototype hybrid structures of these graphene-like 2D materials. I do believe that this research could play an important role in exploring new physics and device applications

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