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An authoritative overview of contemporary approaches to integrative skin health The popularity of integrative medical treatment of skin disorders has increased significantly in recent years—requiring practicing clinicians to keep pace with continuingdevelopments in dermatological research and methods. Advances in Integrative Dermatology offers a comprehensive survey of this dynamic field, providing up-to-date information on both preventative and therapeutic approaches to skin health. Combining clinical medicine with complimentary treatment plans, integrative dermatology provides an innovative perspective to individual patient care. This essential text explores new research in areas including the effects of stress and pollution on the skin, the importance of high-quality sleep, complementary methods of averting skin conditions, and more. Recognizing the impact skin disorders have on physiological, psychological, and emotional health, editors Katlein França and Torello Lotti illustrate key components of inclusive skin health strategies, such as therapeutic diets and nutritional supplements, topical botanicals, and other complementary therapies. Filling a significant gap in current literature on integrative dermatology, this valuable resource: Answers the common questions asked by patients in real-world dermatology practices Addresses pervasive misconceptions of integrative dermatological methods and principles with evidence-based review of current practices Examines contemporary research in the diagnosis and treatment of dermatological disorders Presents comprehensive treatment options for a wide range of conditions such as rosacea, melanoma, and psoriasis Advances in Integrative Dermatology is an indispensable volume for physicians seeking to incorporate holistic techniques into their practices, expand their knowledge of integrative medicine, and provide the best possible care for their patients.

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