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This 3rd edition offers a broad revision to catch the content up to the latest trends and tools in Web marketing. With approximately 35% new content and the remaining text updated to reflect current marketing trends, the book expands its coverage of social media and mobile marketing. Parts include: Getting Going: the process of making a marketing plan, adjusting current marketing for the Web, and building an online presence Building a Marketing-Effective Site: insight into creating an effective site and landing pages, adding e-commerce tools, and retaining customers Exploring Basics: "classic" Web marketing tools including SEO, e-mail campaigns, and online advertising Your New Tools: the latest trends from social media to location based marketing to blogging Maximizing Success: analyzing results, avoiding legal issues, and keeping everything fresh The Part of Tens: the traditional closer in all For Dummies titles offers tips on free tools, avoiding common mistakes, and ways to perk up Web marketing plans

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