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None of the models of Human Resource Development (HRD) are comprehensive enough to embrace the training process, training evaluation, and feedback into the training process in the public sector of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). There is no consistent fundamental body of knowledge for trainers to follow in proposing, designing, implementing, and evaluating training programs. This book develops a practical model of HRD which includes the training process after needs assessment to the determination of various outcomes of HRD programs. The application of this model could help to solve the questions that are raised when deciding between an internal or external course of training. It also helps with candidacy procedure, not by recommending policies for candidacy, but by recommending solutions to various deficiencies that a candidate might have prior to becoming a qualified trainee. When a strategic HRD plan is to be implemented to train large numbers of public employees and public managers, the model proposes a way to fill the various gaps in the training capabilities of local trainers in order to make them qualified trainers capable of offering specific training programs.

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