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India is second largest producer of fish producing 8.29 million tons (2010-11). Maharashtra occupies the 8th position in shrimp farming producing of 1,120 mt (2010-11). The study “Production and marketing of cultured shrimp in Thane district of Maharashtra” was carried out in 3 selected districts (Dhanua, Palghar & Vasai) of Maharastra covering 22 private, 44 leased out government & 1 co-operative shrimp farm. Economics of leased out shrimp farms have been worked out taluka wise for small, medium and large farms. The estimated production function for 3 types of farming situations in Thane district of Maharashtra were based on the 3 different types of farming situations. The function has given a good fit to the data going by the R squared. The overall fit is acceptable and hence the functional form described the response of dependent variable ( gross income ) to the changes in independent variable by 84% ,94% and 91% respectively in the 3 farming situations across the 3 talukas of Palghar, Dhanua and Vasai of Thane district. The need of the hour is to advocate a balanced growth strategy, which would take care of the sustainability without sacrificing equity and economics.

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