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Space weather is the dynamically changing conditions in the near earth space. These conditions are driven by the high energetic Solar Transients which are the manifestations of the magnetic energy conversion in to matter outflow. In result these, space weather conditions, are thought to be magnetically organized weather. Now a day mankind is dependent on the infrastructural and technological advancements which are very prone to the space weather changing condition. This book starts with the concepts of Space Weather and their societal, economic, infrastructural and technological effects. Their sources in solar perspectives since being the only star in our solar system and highly dynamic Sun is the source of all the energy and the cause of space weather effects as well. Their response to the interplanetary space, being a place to travel for these materials released from Sun, and geo-space has been discussed.Spectral behavior of Solar Transients has been explained through various investigations and their interrelationship has also been discussed.A complete picture of Space Weather phenomena from Causes to Effects has been explained using various Satellite/Ground based observations.

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