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Environmental restoration is now a widespread pursuit, as landscape designers, engineers, and professional biologists seek to restore degraded landscapes to some previous, more desirable, state. In this prize-winning work, Marcus Hall shows that such restoration is not a new endeavor but an idea with strong roots in the nineteenth century, particularly in the work of the pioneering American conservationist, George Perkins Marsh. While Marsh served as the American ambassador to Italy from 1861 to 1881, he wrote his influential work, Man and Nature, which Hall calls "the world's first comprehensive warning of the human propensity to degrade natural systems."By examining the history of restoration in both the United States and Italy since 1850, Hall reveals how the idea and practice of "restoration" shifts according to time, place, and culture. After establishing the historic influences that distinguish restoration in Italy (where the emphasis is on preserving the pastoral) and the United States (where the emphasis is on wilderness), Hall discusses the long-term restoration of two damaged watersheds, one in the Italian Alps (1850-1950) and the other in the Rocky Mountains (1910-1970). Restorationists gave different answers about how and what to restore. By contrasting land management in these two countries and elsewhere, this book clarifies the different meanings of restoration, shows how such meanings change from place to place in different times, and sugges...

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