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A Volume in The Montana Mathematics Enthusiast:Monograph Series in Mathematics EducationSeries Editor Bharath Sriraman, The University of MontanaThe word "critical" in the title of this collection has three meanings, all of which are relevant. One meaning, as applied toa situation or problem, is "at a point of crisis". A second meaning is "expressing adverse or disapproving comments orjudgments". A third is related to the verb "to critique", meaning "to analyze the merits and faults of". The authorscontributing to this book pose challenging questions, from multiple perspectives, about the roles of mathematics insociety and the implications for education. Traditional reasons for teaching mathematics include: preparing a newgeneration of mathematics researchers and a cadre of technically competent users of mathematics; training students tothink logically; and because mathematics is as much part of cultural heritage as literature or music. These reasons remainvalid, though open to critique, but a deeper analysis is required that recognizes the roles of mathematics in framing manyaspects of contemporary society, that will connect mathematics education to the lived experiences of students, theircommunities, and society in general, and that acknowledges the global ethical responsibilities of mathematicians andmathematics educators.The book is organized in four sections (1) Mathematics education: For what and why?(2) Globalization and cultural...

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