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Use of the psychoactive substances has been the part of human life from the time immemorial. Today it has become a global phenomenon; however types and extent of magnitude vary from one group to another. Substance use by a married woman not only affects her, it also influences her unborn baby in pregnancy and her children living with her. Likewise, because of unique physiological and anatomical build up, Reproductive age women are more prone to substances use effects that are connected to pregnancy and cervical cancer. In light of these facts, this study draws special attention to reproductive aged married women of selected wards of Dharan town, Nepal to assess the pattern of use and to identify different factors related to it. Significant percentages of them are prone to social and health related problems as their substance use exceeds the recommended safe limit for women. This would help the health personnel and public health workers to get information regarding the unique pattern of different substances used by this group and apply this knowledge to launch effective awareness programs to discourage the excessive use among them and encourage seeking regular health care services.

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