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The first comprehensive book to uniquely combine the three fields of systems engineering, operations/production systems, and multiple criteria decision making/optimization Systems engineering is the art and science of designing, engineering, and building complex systems—combining art, science, management, and engineering disciplines. Operations and Production Systems with Multiple Objectives covers all classical topics of operations and production systems as well as new topics not seen in any similiar textbooks before: small-scale design of cellular systems, large-scale design of complex systems, clustering, productivity and efficiency measurements, and energy systems. Filled with completely new perspectives, paradigms, and robust methods of solving classic and modern problems, the book includes numerous examples and sample spreadsheets for solving each problem, a solutions manual, and a book companion site complete with worked examples and supplemental articles. Operations and Production Systems with Multiple Objectives will teach readers: How operations and production systems are designed and planned How operations and production systems are engineered and optimized How to formulate and solve manufacturing systems problems How to model and solve interdisciplinary and systems engineering problems How to solve decision problems with multiple and conflicting objectives This book is ideal for senior undergraduate, MS, and PhD graduate students in all fields of engineering, business, and management as well as practitioners and researchers in systems engineering, operations, production, and manufacturing.

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