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The world has become a scary place for young people faced with peer pressure and a morally deteriorating culture; they battle daily to make wise choices. As the influence of the family and church continues to weaken, young people are searching for safe places where they can share their struggles, ask questions and be accepted. They seem to be looking for answers in all the wrong places like; pubs, clubs, media, and disco theatres that is why church small groups are very vital in their lives. Small groups thus provide an opportunity for young people to become more like Christ and to experience care and true community. This book presents small groups as that place where young people in the urban local church find community, accountability as established by the lessons discovered from the first century genesis of small groups. Thus becoming more like Christ and in the process radically influence the society just as Jesus did with His small group of the twelve disciples. The objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between small groups as a strategy for numerical church growth and holistic development (physical, mental, spiritual and social/emotional) of its members.

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