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A practical guide to selecting and applying the most appropriate model for analysis of cross section data using EViews. «This book is a reflection of the vast experience and knowledge of the author. It is a useful reference for students and practitioners dealing with cross sectional data analysis … The strength of the book lies in its wealth of material and well structured guidelines …» Prof. Yohanes Eko Riyanto, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore «This is superb and brilliant. Prof. Agung has skilfully transformed his best experiences into new knowledge … creating a new way of understanding data analysis.» Dr. I Putu Gede Ary Suta, The Ary Suta Center, Jakarta Basic theoretical concepts of statistics as well as sampling methods are often misinterpreted by students and less experienced researchers. This book addresses this issue by providing a hands-on practical guide to conducting data analysis using EViews combined with a variety of illustrative models (and their extensions). Models having numerically dependent variables based on a cross-section data set (such as univariate, multivariate and nonlinear models as well as non-parametric regressions) are concentrated on. It is shown that a wide variety of hypotheses can easily be tested using EViews. Cross Section and Experimental Data Analysis Using EViews: Provides step-by-step directions on how to apply EViews to cross section data analysis – from multivariate analysis and nonlinear models to non-parametric regression Presents a method to test for all possible hypotheses based on each model Proposes a new method for data analysis based on a multifactorial design model Demonstrates that statistical summaries in the form of tabulations are invaluable inputs for strategic decision making Contains 200 examples with special notes and comments based on the author’s own empirical findings as well as over 400 illustrative outputs of regressions from EViews Techniques are illustrated through practical examples from real situations Comes with supplementary material, including work-files containing selected equation and system specifications that have been applied in the book This user-friendly introduction to EViews is ideal for Advanced undergraduate and graduate students taking finance, econometrics, population, or public policy courses, as well as applied policy researchers.

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