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Perfect for fans of Jacqueline Wilson and Ruby Redfort, this is the ninth book in the internationally popular and bestselling Judy Moody series. Judy is in a sleuthing, Nancy Drew kind of mood. So what’s a WBMS (world’s best mystery solver) to do? Go find a mystery, that’s what! And she doesn’t have to snoop for long: when Mr Chips, a beloved crime-dog-in-training, goes missing, Judy Drewdy and her chums, Agents Dills Pickle (Frank), Spuds Houdini (Rocky) and James Madagascar (Stink) find themselves in a real, honest-to-jeepers mystery. Was Mr Chips stolen by dirty dognappers? And why are chocolate chip cookies disappearing all over town? Watch out for red herrings – and clever references to classic Nancy Drew mysteries – as Eagle Eye Moody and company are hot on the case!

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