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Dear Brothers and Sisters Assalam Waalaykum! A good news for all of us that the new Holy Quran Speaker was released lately! Alhamdulillah and all praise to Allah! Do you still worry about learning the Holy Quran but sill find it is a little difficult for you to find the right way to study? We believe that where there is a will there is a way. If you work hard on it and insist no matter what happens and with the help of Allahfinally you will be successful and maybe become a hafiz. At least you will learn some sura through your hard work.Insha Allah! With this multifunciton Quaran Learning Speaker you can learn Quran word by word with more than 35 most famous reciters in the world such as Al Afasy Al Sudais etc. With the help of these teachers you will make a big progress in learning Holy Quran. Meanwhile these multi-function speaker has some other functions: High Quality Quran Audio(35 voices) Quran Translation Audio(30 languages) Quran Ayah by Ayah translation Quran word by word recording Tafseer Jalalain FM Radio Voice Recording MP3 Player Book Marking Fast Surah Selection(NEW) Hot Key MP3(Yaseen Ayatul Kursi Ruqiya) IR Remote control 3Watt Loud Speaker Rechargeable Li-battery 450mah USB Charging 8GB built-in memory For more material you can download from the official website which is printed on the English/Arabic Manual. Dear Brothers and Sisters hope you your friends and families will enjoy this product. Praise Allah bestow health happiness and the widzom to all of you! Amin!Assalam Waalaykum!

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