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A clear and comprehensive guide to financial modeling and valuation with extensive case studies and practice exercises Corporate and Project Finance Modeling takes a clear, coherent approach to a complex and technical topic. Written by a globally-recognized financial and economic consultant, this book provides a thorough explanation of financial modeling and analysis while describing the practical application of newly-developed techniques. Theoretical discussion, case studies and step-by-step guides allow readers to master many difficult modeling problems and also explain how to build highly structured models from the ground up. The companion website includes downloadable examples, templates, and hundreds of exercises that allow readers to immediately apply the complex ideas discussed. Financial valuation is an in-depth process, involving both objective and subjective parameters. Precise modeling is critical, and thorough, accurate analysis is what bridges the gap from model to value. This book allows readers to gain a true mastery of the principles underlying financial modeling and valuation by helping them to: Develop flexible and accurate valuation analysis incorporating cash flow waterfalls, depreciation and retirements, updates for new historic periods, and dynamic presentation of scenario and sensitivity analysis; Build customized spreadsheet functions that solve circular logic arising in project and corporate valuation without cumbersome copy and paste macros; Derive accurate measures of normalized cash flow and implied valuation multiples that account for asset life, changing growth, taxes, varying returns and cost of capital; Incorporate stochastic analysis with alternative time series equations and Monte Carlo simulation without add-ins; Understand valuation effects of debt sizing, sculpting, project funding, re-financing, holding periods and credit enhancements. Corporate and Project Finance Modeling provides comprehensive guidance and extensive explanation, making it essential reading for anyone in the field.

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