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Learn how quantitative models can help fight client problems head-on Before financial problems can be solved, they need to be fully understood. Since in-depth quantitative modeling techniques are a powerful tool to understanding the drivers associated with financial problems, one would need a solid grasp of these techniques before being able to unlock their full potential of the methods used. In The Mathematics of Financial Models, the author presents real world solutions to the everyday problems facing financial professionals. With interactive tools such as spreadsheets for valuation, pricing, and modeling, this resource combines highly mathematical quantitative analysis with useful, practical methodologies to create an essential guide for investment and risk-management professionals facing modeling issues in insurance, derivatives valuation, and pension benefits, among others. In addition to this, this resource also provides the relevant tools like matrices, calculus, statistics and numerical analysis that are used to build the quantitative methods used. Financial analysts, investment professionals, risk-management professionals, and graduate students will find applicable information throughout the book, and gain from the self-study exercises and the refresher course on key mathematical topics. Equipped with tips and information, The Mathematics of Financial Models Provides practical methodologies based on mathematical quantitative analysis to help analysts, investment and risk-management professionals better navigate client issues Contains interactive tools that demonstrate the power of analysis and modeling Helps financial professionals become more familiar with the challenges across a range of industries Includes a mathematics refresher course and plenty of exercises to get readers up to speed The Mathematics of Financial Models is an in-depth guide that helps readers break through common client financial problems and emerge with clearer strategies for solving issues in the future.

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