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Bachelor Thesis from the year 2014 in the subject American Studies - Culture and Applied Geography, grade: very good, , language: English, abstract: This diploma paper relates to Malcolm X, his life and some aspects that took place after his death. First, it concentrates on a detailed description of Malcolm's upbringing and shaping his personality. It also relates to the time when he led his illegal life, before prison and then in prison. Additionally, it is connected with the moment when he left prison and took part in his actions concerning the black.The study also describes the time when Malcolm was a part of the Civil Rights Movement and wanted to change the reality which was not comfortable for the black. Finally, it describes in details various aspects related to the popularity of Malcolm X.Throughout the years numerous people have influenced the history of various countries. They have done it in different ways. Different countries all over the world have had people who made changes. American history, which is not too long when comparing it to other nations, has shown a lot of different representatives who greatly or only to some extend have been changing what is crucial for the state. The issues fought for related to freedom, certain rights or economic rules. As for the American history, Malcolm X was the person who definitely made his country consider what he was fighting for. The United States of America had to take into consideration his opinions, views and dema...

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