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Accelerated learning instruction is a creative communicative teaching method with the addition of an intricate combination of music, relaxation and suggestion.on the other hand, according to Jackson (1988) the meaning of an idiom is not the sum of the meaning of its parts or its constituents, but it is non-literal metaphorical meaning which is considered as the essential feature of an idiom. In this project The AL-receivers were treated according to AL in which idiomatic expressions were taught through combination of both communicative method and using three suggestopedic elements of music, suggestion, and relaxation in three phases of preparation, presentation, review and elaboration.On the other hand, the non-AL- receivers were exposed to the same idioms but the instruction was in form of giving definition of each idiom in English.After an interval of ten days from the end of the treatment, the two groups took the same post-test to see whether there was any significant difference between the AL- receivers and non- AL-receivers. The analysis of t-test indicated that there was a significant difference between them. The AL-receivers outperformed the non-AL-receivers.

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