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Effective risk management in today’s ever-changing world Crisis Wasted? Leading Risk Managers on Risk Culture sheds light on today’s risk management landscape through a unique collection of interviews from risk leaders in both the banking and investment industries. These interviews zero in on the risk culture of organisations, effective risk management in practice, and the sometimes paradoxical effects of new regulations and how they affect decision-making in financial organisations They offer genuine insight into regulatory processes and priorities and their implications for the stability of the global financial system. As trending topics in the risk management field, each of these subject areas is relevant to the work of today’s risk management professionals. In addition to the forward-focused text, this reference provides access to a wealth of premium online content. Risk management has become an area of focus for companies since the financial crises that shook the international community over the past decade, but, despite high levels of introspection and changes to key processes, many financial houses are still experiencing large losses. Understanding today’s risk environment can help you improve risk management tactics. Access essential information both in print and online Discover the most important topics in today’s risk management field Explore interviews with 1 risk management leaders Learn about ground-breaking recent innovations in risk management thinking Crisis Wasted? Leading Risk Managers on Risk Culture is an integral resource for professionals responsible for minimising organisational risk, as well as those who want to better understand the risk culture of today’s world.

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