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Papermaking is a fascinating art and technology. The second edition of this successful 2 volume handbook provides a comprehensive view on the technical, economic, ecologic and social background of paper and board. It has been updated, revised and largely extended in depth and width including the further use of paper and board in converting and printing. A wide knowledge basis is a prerequisite in evaluating and optimizing the whole process chain to ensure efficient paper and board production. The same is true in their application and end use. The book covers a wide range of topics: * Raw materials required for paper and board manufacturing such as fibers, chemical additives and fillers * Processes and machinery applied to prepare the stock and to produce the various paper and board grades including automation and trouble shooting * Paper converting and printing processes, book preservation * The different paper and board grades as well as testing and analysing fiber suspensions, paper and board products, and converted or printed matters * Environmental and energy factors as well as safety aspects. The handbook will provide professionals in the field, e. g. papermakers as well as converters and printers, laymen, students, politicians and other interested people with the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on the state-of- the-art techniques and aspects involved in paper making, converting and printing.

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