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Research your family history using the latest online tools and apps Genealogy Online For Dummies, 7th Edition is the perfect book to help you conduct genealogical research. Updated to cover the latest online tools, this new edition shows you how to leverage social networks and the rapidly increasing number of mobile apps to locate family members and trace their histories. You?ll discover how to start your investigation, develop a research plan of action, identify sites and resources that will be of the most use to you, get information from government records, preserve electronic materials, and share your findings with the rest of the family. Shows you how to conduct research into family history using the latest online tools, mobile apps, and other resources Explains how to use online and offline research techniques and tools for genealogical research, find and share information with other genealogists, and create your own site to showcase your family tree, digital images, and compiled genealogies Includes access to free versions of RootsMagic Essentials and Legacy Family Tree Standard Edition as well as information on free websites for storing your genealogical information Covers DNA research and testing, new geocoding applications, U.S. Census information available online, international records, public access catalogs, and more Genealogy Online For Dummies, 7th Edition helps you follow the clues to uncover your family?s legacy ? the fun and easy way.

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