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This book highlights the display applications of c-axis aligned crystalline indium–gallium–zinc oxide (CAAC-IGZO), a new class of oxide material that challenges the dominance of silicon in the field of thin film semiconductor devices. It is an enabler for displays with high resolution and low power consumption, as well as high-productivity manufacturing. The applications of CAAC-IGZO focus on liquid crystal displays (LCDs) with extremely low power consumption for mobile applications, and high-resolution and flexible organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays, and present a large number of prototypes developed at the Semiconductor Energy Laboratory. In particular, the description of LCDs includes how CAAC-IGZO enables LCDs with extremely low refresh rate that provides ultra-low power consumption in a wide range of use cases. Moreover, this book also offers the latest data of IGZO. The IGZO has recently achieved a mobility of 65.5 cm2?}V-s, and it is expected to potentially exceed 100 cm2?}V-s as high as that of LTPS. A further two books in the series will describe the fundamentals of CAAC-IGZO, and the application to LSI devices. Key features: • Introduces different oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor designs and their impact on the reliability and performance of LCDs and OLED displays, both in pixel and panel-integrated driving circuits. • Reviews fundamentals and presents device architectures for high-performance and flexible OLED displays, their circuit designs, and oxide semiconductors as an enabling technology. • Explains how oxide semiconductor thin-film transistors drastically can improve resolution and lower power consumption of LCDs.

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