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Jake is a young boy who is born into a life he did not want or ask for. His father, Mike, is an alcoholic who repeatedly treats Jake and his mother poorly. Jake’s mother, Renee, is not willing to leave Jake’s father, so Jake has to deal with the repercussions of her choices on a daily basis. There is a lovely, bright, safe haven for Jake, and it happens to be his favorite place in the world: Grandma Thora and Grandpa Anthony’s home.Closing the door behind him, he enters another world where he is protected and adored—there are no bullies, no judgments; instead, there is lots of love. There are duties and responsibilities with the animals and chores on the farm for Jake to do, but Jake doesn’t shirk from work; he loves helping Grandpa and living on a working farm.Although Jake is a dreamer, Grandma sees him as a game changer; she sees hope and love and tolerance when she looks at Jake. When the time comes, she gives him her most prized possession. Ling Ling and the Star Ranger Blanket are given to Jake at a time that is crucial, along with them come great sacrifice and responsibility.

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