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The second edition of Introduction to International Economics is a non-technical introduction to international economics that builds on the strengths of the first edition. It analyses in a practical way how the internationalization of economic activities influences companies, investors and consumers, as well as foreign and domestic markets. While the book is policy-oriented, the adequate historical and theoretical context is provided. All concepts are discussed in a non-mathematical way and graphic analysis is used to clarify explanations, which makes it ideal for business and MBA students.International economics is attracting ever more attention due to the recent worldwide economic crisis, and this book gives a truly global perspective by discussing real-world examples and case studies from different sectors, including from the Americas, Europe and Asia. New features in this edition include the following: • Updated empirical material• The chapter on balance of payments, the foreign exchange market and their relationship has been completely rewritten• Expanded material on developments in the European monetary integration process• More focus on issues in emerging economies, such as the practice and lessons of currency boards, dollarization, and the occurrence of currency crises

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