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An overview of the methods used for risk analysis in a variety of industrial sectors, with a particular focus on the consideration of human aspects, this book provides a definition of all the fundamental notions associated with risks and risk management, as well as clearly placing the discipline of risk analysis within the broader context of risk management processes. The author begins by presenting a certain number of basic concepts, followed by the general principle of risk analysis. He then moves on to examine the ISO31000 standard, which provides a specification for the implementation of a risk management approach. The ability to represent the information we use is crucial, so the representation of knowledge, covering both information concerning the risk occurrence mechanism and details of the system under scrutiny, is also considered. The different analysis methods are then presented, firstly for the identification of risks, then for their analysis in terms of cause and effect, and finally for the implementation of safety measures. Concrete examples are given throughout the book and the methodology and method can be applied to various fields (industry, health, organization, technical systems). Contents Part 1. General Concepts and Principles 1. Introduction. 2. Basic Notions. 3. Principles of Risk Analysis Methods. 4. The Risk Management Process (ISO31000). Part 2. Knowledge Representation 5. Modeling Risk. 6. Measuring the Importance of a Risk. 7. Modeling of Systems for Risk Analysis. Part 3. Risk Analysis Method 8. Preliminary Hazard Analysis. 9. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. 10. Deviation Analysis Using the HAZOP Method. 11. The Systemic and Organized Risk Analysis Method. 12. Fault Tree Analysis. 13. Event Tree and Bow-Tie Diagram Analysis. 14. Human Reliability Analysis. 15. Barrier Analysis and Layer of Protection Analysis. Part 4. Appendices Appendix 1. Occupational Hazard Checklists. Appendix 2. Causal Tree Analysis. Appendix 3. A Few Reminders on the Theory of Probability. Appendix 4. Useful Notions in Reliability Theory. Appendix 5. Data Sources for Reliability. Appendix 6. A Few Approaches for System Modelling. Appendix 7. CaseStudy: Chemical Process. Appendix 8. XRisk Software. About the Authors Jean-Marie Flaus is Professor at Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble, France.

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