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Scientific Study from the year 2017 in the subject Computer Science - General, grade: 1.00, University of the Punjab, language: English, abstract: This work presents the evaluation of grid for DV to MPEG4 video conversion with following objectives: Study and Implementation of the Grid Environment; Design and Implementation of DV to MPEG 4 conversion process on Grid Environment; Evaluation of performance of Grid for DV to MPEG 4 conversion with respect to time. The first objective intends to study the grid computing concepts, their types, their relationship with other computing technologies, the open source middleware available for its implementation etc. It also involves the analysis, design and implementation of a grid environment. The second objective intends to study the compute, storage and network intensive problem of DV to MPEG4 video conversion and to implement it on the grid environment designed in above step. The third objective intends to evaluate the performance of grid (designed in step 1) by executing the conversion process (as defined by step 2) with different parameters. We have developed the python script (appendix A) to assist us to find suitable resource on a grid system and then splitting a DV video job into some job slices to be remotely scheduled and processed at grid nodes. After conducting thirty runs for three experiments by taking videos of different lenghts on one to ten processing nodes it is clear that grid shows benefits over single/centralised sy...

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