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1. Automatic induction: When someone enters its sensing range of the input high people leave the sensor range automatically delay off high output low. 2. Two trigger modes: L can not be repeated H can be repeated. Jumper selectable default is H. A. unrepeatable trigger: the sensor output high the delay time has elapsed the output will be automatically from high to low. B. repeatable trigger: the sensor output high the delay period if there is human activity within its sensing range the output will remain high until people leave after the delay will be high level goes low (will be automatically extended sensing module detects the human body after every activity a delay period and the last time an event is the starting point of the delay time). 3. Has blocked the induction time (the default setting: 3~4 seconds): sensor module after each sensor output (high to low) you can keep up a blockade set time during this time period induction does not receive any sensor signal. This function can be achieved (sensor output time and blocking time) interval between the work can be applied to interval detection products; while this feature can effectively suppress various disturbances generated during load switching. Applications: Pyroelectric infrared switch is BISS0001 with pyroelectric infrared sensors and passive infrared switches consisting of a small amount of external components. It can automatically and quickly opened all kinds of incandescent fluorescent buzzer automatic doors electric fans dryer and automatic washing machines and other devices is a high-tech products. Especially suitable for sensitive area businesses hotels shopping malls warehouses and family aisles corridors or secure area for automatic lighting lighting and alarm systems. Security products body sensors toys body induction lamps industrial automation and control etc. Instructions for use: 1. After initialization time sensing module powered a minute or so during which the module will output 0~3 times at intervals one minute after entering standby. 2. Should be avoided such as interference sources close to the lens to direct light module surface in order to avoid the introduction of the interference signal malfunction; environment to avoid the flow of the wind the wind sensor will also cause interference. 3. Sensor module uses a dual probe the probe window is rectangular dual (A B Yuan Yuan ) located at both ends of the longer direction when the body from left to right or right to left through the infrared spectrum to reach the dual time distance difference the greater the difference the more sensitive the sensor when the body from top to bottom or front to probe or direction from bottom to top through time dual infrared spectroscopy to detect changes in the distance is less than no difference value so the sensor insensitive or does not work; sensors should be installed so that the probe up to the direction and orientation of human activity dual parallel as possible to ensure that the human body has been through dual sensing probe. In order to increase the angular range of the sensor the module uses a circular lens but also makes the probe sensors on all four sides but the left and right sides are still large sensing range than down in both directions the sensitivity is strong the installation still possible according to the above requirements.

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