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Jay Gatsby is the man who has everything: money, influential friends and fabulous parties. Day and night his Long Island mansion is full of beautiful people laughing and dancing and talking about their mysterious host. For the rich and handsome Gatsby always seems to be alone in the crowd and there always seems to be something missing from his life. What is the secret from Gatsby’s past? And what does he silently hope will fill his life? Helbling Readers is great new series of beautifully illustrated graded stories specially devised for teenagers. The series is published in two categories, Helbling Readers Red Series and Helbling Readers Blue Series, each one addressing different age groups, language levels and interests. Helbling Readers Red Series is aimed at young teenagers. It includes a selection of adapted classics and original fiction to get your students reading for pleasure right from beginner level. Helbling Readers Blue Series is designed for teenagers and young adults. Readers chose from sensitively adapted teen-relevant classics and a gripping selection of original fiction. Helbling Readers have a wide variety of Before and After Reading activities to help and develop understanding, as well as background information, fact files and lots of pointers for project and culture work. The stories are carefully graded in five levels according to internationally recognised standards and include preparation for the Cambridge ESOL and Trinity exams.

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