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Optically stimulated luminescence has developed into one of the leading optical techniques for the measurement and detection of ionizing radiation. This text covers, in a readable manner, advanced modern applications of the technique, how it can play a useful role in different areas of dosimetry and how to approach the challenges presented when working with optically stimulated luminescence. The six chapters are as follows: Introduction, including a short history of OSL and details of successful applications Theory and Practical Aspects Personal Dosimetry Space Dosimetry Medical Dosimetry Other Applications and Concepts, including retrospective and accident dosimetry, environmental monitoring and UV dosimetry Throughout the book, the underlying theory is discussed on an as-needed basis for a complete understanding of the phenomena, but with an emphasis of the practical applications of the technique. The authors also give background information and relevant key references on each method, inviting the reader to explore deeper into the subject independently. Postgraduates, researchers, and those involved with radiation dosimetry will find this book particularly useful. The material is both relevant and accessible for both specialists and those new to the field, therefore is fundamental to any academic interested in modern advances of the subject.

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