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You may not believe that there’s a fun and easy way to comply with Sarbanes –Oxley, but once you have Sarbanes-Oxley For Dummies, Second Edition in front of you, you’re sure to change your mind. This friendly guide gets you quickly up to speed with the latest SOX legislation and shows you safe and effective ways to reduce compliance costs. In plain English, this completely reliable handbook walks you through the new and revised SOX laws, introduces compliance strategies for changed and unchanged guidelines, and gives you an effective framework for implementation You’ll find out how to create an efficient audit committee, purchase and use SOX software solutions, and make practical, cost-effective decisions in your initial compliance year and beyond. You’ll also find proven strategies for staying public or going private and learn how to deal with all those SOX forms. Discover how to: Establish SOX standards for IT professionals Minimize compliance costs in every area of your company Survive a section 404 audit Avoid litigation under SOX Anticipate future rules and trends Create a post-SOX paper trail Bolster your company’s standing and reputation Work with SOX in a small business Meet new SOX standards Build a board that can’t be bought Comply with all SOX management mandates Complete with invaluable tips on how to form an effective audit committee, Sarbanes-Oxley For Dummies is the resource you need to keep your SOX clean.

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