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Written by noted experts in the field, Handbook of Mango Fruit: Production, Postharvest Science, Processing Technology and Nutrition offers a comprehensive resource regarding the production, trade, and consumption of this popular tropical fruit. The authors review the geographic areas where the fruit is grown and harvested, including information on the ever-expanding global marketplace that highlights United States production, imports and exports, and consumption, as well as data on the outlook for the European market. Handbook of Mango Fruit outlines the postharvest handling and packaging techniques and reviews the fruit’s processed products and byproducts that are gleaned from the processing of waste. The authors include information on the nutritional profile of the mango and review the food safety considerations for processing and transport of mangoes. This comprehensive resource: Reviews global mango production trends and countries that are the major exporters and importers of mangoes Explores the burgeoning marketplace for mangoes with special emphasis on the US and European marketplace Assesses latest trends in packaging of and shipping of mangoes Provides in depth coverage on value-added processing and by-products utilization Offers vital information on the innovative processing technologies and nutritional profile of popular tropical fruit Written for anyone involved in the production, marketing, postharvest handling, processing and by-products of mangoes, Handbook of Mango Fruit is a vital resource offering the most current information and guidelines on the burgeoning marketplace as well as the safe handling, production, and distribution of mangoes.

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