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The latest developments in fundraising law, with expert insight and practical tools The Law of Fundraising is the classic guide on the subject, written by two of the US authorities on the law of tax-exempt organizations. This 2016 Supplement is the first update to the comprehensive fifth edition, detailing the latest developments in the law governing fundraising. New coverage includes proposed regulations concerning an exception to the charitable gift substantiation rules, IRS rulings concerning fundraising organizations, additional information about online fundraising and Form 990 filing requirements in the states, and tax reform proposals. Federal and state laws are examined in detail, with an emphasis on administrative, tax, and constitutional law, and the roles of fundraising professionals themselves are discussed in relation to compliance issues, prospective laws, and regulatory trends. The companion website features a host of practical tools including tables, appendices, IRS examination guidelines, checklists, sample forms, and more, bringing clarification to the practical aspects of fundraising law. State and federal fundraising regulations are becoming increasingly complex, and at times, seemingly contradictory. This helpful guide simplifies the maze, providing expert insight and the most current guidelines. Get up to date on state and federal fundraising laws Understand the nuances of Internet, political, and international fundraising Explore the legal responsibilities of fundraising professionals Access cases, IRS rulings, and sample forms for practical reference Fundraising is critical for nonprofit organizations, but navigating the twists, turns, and dead ends of fundraising regulations is complicated enough that important aspects are easily overlooked—with potentially disastrous consequences. Lawyers and nonprofit professionals alike will find the clarity and answers they seek alongside world-class insight in The Law of Fundraising, Fifth Edition, 2016 Supplement.

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