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Sara Jeannette Duncan (who sometimes wrote as Mrs. Everard Cotes) was a Canadian author and journalist. Beginning her career on the Washington Post, she made history as the first woman to be hired as a professional journalist in Canada, taking a regular position at the Toronto Globe, and later moving to the Montreal Star, where she was the paper's Parliamentary correspondent. She married Everard Cotes, a journalist and museum curator based in Calcutta. During her long residence with her husband in India she made a considerable reputation as a novelist of Anglo-Indian life. Duncan's style can be compared to contemporary satirists such as Stephen Leacock and Thomas Carlyle.A Voyage of Consolation is a sequel of sorts to Duncan's An American Girl in London. In the prior book, time spent in England and the acquisition of English mannerisms leads to the termination of her narrator's engagement with her fiancée, who disapproves of the changes. When she complains to her father that she is heartbroken, he decides on a voyage of consolation, taking himself, his wife, and their daughter to Europe for a tour through Italy and France. The voyage provides opportunity for Duncan's witty observations of people and places, and by the end, romance has again entered her narrator's life.

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