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Tailoring retirement for successful business leaders Traditional retirement planning fails to meet the needs of wealthy baby boomers, particularly those who are business leaders. There is no “one size fits all” answer. Wealth Regeneration at Retirement: Planning for a Lifetime of Leadership presents an alternative – one that acts more like a GPS. The authors, Kaycee Krysty and Bob Moser, leaders of the highly regarded Seattle-based wealth management firm, Laird Norton Tyee, use a proprietary discipline, Wealth Regeneration®, to calculate the route to retirement and beyond for those at the top. The authors challenge successful boomers to redefine retirement on their own terms. They outline a process to create a sustainable plan to achieve retirement objectives. Their years of experience in counseling CEO’s and business founders through transitions is reflected throughout. For many successful boomers, the answer to the prospect of retirement has been, “I’d rather not.” Yet change is inevitable. Wealth Regeneration at Retirement provides a thoughtful and thorough way for leaders to move onward. Describing Wealth Regeneration in a digestible, actionable format, the book provides the framework, tools, and techniques that successful baby boomers and their advisors need to incorporate this innovative approach for a lifetime of leadership and legacy. Packed with learning aids, including graphics, diagrams, worksheets and exercises, the book helps readers build a unique life plan that is about more than simply retirement. The book includes: A proprietary approach to retirement planning that changes seamlessly when times and circumstances change A four component methodology – Where You Are; What You Want; What to Do; and Make it Happen – to ensure continuous feedback, accountability, and measurement of lifetime goals Retirement planning expertise from wealth management firm Laird Norton Tyee Wealth Regeneration at Retirement: Planning for a Lifetime of Leadership is artfully illustrated and filled with practical advice for wealthy baby boomers and the financial advisors they rely on. It explains exactly how to build a personalized and sustainable plan for retirement no matter where life may lead.

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