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The overall aim of this book is to design and implement a novel intelligent optimisation system to solve the context-awareness problem in MANET routing. As this book raises a very important point in MANET that is, although there have been many MANET routing protocols invented, each protocol is designed based on a particular context condition. This is problematic because network conditions are not constant and, in a MANET dynamic environment, that particular context condition will not last long. This book offered a solution for the above dilemma by inventing a system that, given a change in the network context, selects the optimum routing protocol from a predefined list which contains all important and well-implemented routing protocols. In another words, introducing an optimum system that is in charge of the selection of the running routing protocol at all times. This optimisation system is a novel approach that can cope with the network performance’s degradation problem by switching to other routing protocol. The system proposed for MANET in this book adaptively selects the best routing protocol using an Artificial Intelligence mechanism according to the network context.

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