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This comprehensive handbook and ready reference details all the main achievements in the field of perovskite-based and related mixed-oxide materials. The authors discuss, in an unbiased manner, the potentials as well as the challenges related to their use, thus offering new perspectives for research and development on both an academic and industrial level. The first volume begins by summarizing the different synthesis routes from molten salts at high temperatures to colloidal crystal template methods, before going on to focus on the physical properties of the resulting materials and their related applications in the fields of electronics, energy harvesting, and storage as well as electromechanics and superconductivity. The second volume is dedicated to the catalytic applications of perovskites and related mixed oxides, including, but not limited to total oxidation of hydrocarbons, dry reforming of methane and denitrogenation. The concluding section deals with the development of chemical reactors and novel perovskite-based applications, such as fuel cells and high-performance ceramic membranes. Throughout, the contributions clearly point out the intimate links between structure, properties and applications of these materials, making this an invaluable tool for materials scientists and for catalytic and physical chemists.

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