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Introduction: Transition metal oxides represent a large class of compounds with a uniquely wide range of electronic properties. Some of these properties, like the magnetism of loadstone, have been known since antiquity. Others, like high-temperature superconductivity have been discovered only recently and indeed would have been thought of being impossible 20 years ago. Transition metal oxides may be good insulators, semiconductors, metals or superconductors. Many of them display a metal-to-insulator transition (MIT) as a function of an external control parameter (usually temperature, pressure or chemical composition). The differences of electrical conductivity are also reflected by drastic changes of other physical properties related to the electronic structure. The electrical, magnetic and optical properties of transition metal oxides find a rich field of important technical applications. A classical example is the wide use of ferrites in electronic devices. Further examples of suitable technological applications include wide gap semiconductors, superconductors and thermoelectric materials, to mention just a few. Apart from these exciting electronic properties, some transition metal oxides exhibit a remarkable mechanical and high-temperature stability together with a strong resistance against corrosion, thus forming ideal coating materials. Several transition metal oxides may also serve as catalysts. It was the discovery of high-temperature superconductivity in the cuprates ...

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