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SmartWallit is a revolutionary device that allows you to keep track of your wallet. It will prevent you from leaving your wallet behind so you will not have to awkwardly stand at the register frantically searching for your wallet. It is able to do this by connecting with your phone through Bluetooth 4.0. In addition SmartWallit comes with a free App for your phone which records the time and place when you lost it. SmartWallit Pro is the thinnest anti-lost device with Li-ion polymer battery around the world. Its thickness is only 4.2mm and you can easily insert it into your wallet. And it only weighs 10g. If you leave your wallet behind your phone will let you know. If you leave your phone behind your wallet will let you know. Your wallet and your phone will now be responsible for each other. If you spent the whole weekend staying at home or at office you can disable anti-lost function by App’s No Disturb Mode. If you misplaced your wallet you can use the App to make your wallet ring. With a loud buzzer sound at a volume of over 85dB you will have no trouble hearing it even as far as 10 meters away. To allow for a more accurate hunt the App will also show you the distance between your phone and your wallet. When you use your wallet SmartWallit Pro App will record this action using its proximity and light sensor to push a signal to your phone. With that information your phone will be able to record when and where you last used your wallet. It is very useful for you to check whether you use credit card or not. If you receive credit card bill you may often ask yourself " Did i use the credit card in New York at 3pm on 3th January" So you can check that by the App's records. 1. Algorithm is Optimized to reduce unexpected warning SmartWallit Pro’s distance algorithm is optimized to reduce unexpected warning. In other words SmartWallit Pro is more stable than old SmartWallit. Some users complained that SmartWallit might disturb them even if wallet was very close to phone. Now they don’t have to worry that again. 2. Algorithm of light sensor is optimized successfully SmartWallit users complained that they would receive "Your wallet is open" when they didn't open their wallets. We spent time in digging into the problem. Then we optimized the algorithm of light sensor and solved the problem. So SmartWallit Pro would have better user experience. 3. No Disturb Mode When you are at office or at home you may drop wallet on table and walk around in room. Your wallet will lost connection with your phone frequently and there will be many out of range warnings. When you enable no disturb setting there will be no out of range warning even if you leave your wallet or phone behind. App's default no disturb interval is 21:00-07:00(next day). So when you sleep at nigh you will not be disturbed by SmartWallit Pro again. If you are at office and have a meeting you’d like not to be disturbed by SmartWallit Pro. You can temporarily disable anti-lost function for 3 hours. SmartWallit Pro App implements the function as following figure shows. 5. Lost location information help you easily get wallet back SmartWallit Pro App will record the location where you lost wallet last time. So you could open SmartWallit Pro App and figure out the location of your wallet. 6. Natural and animal voices make SmartWallit Pro funny When your phone is far away from SmartWallit Pro a bird will sing loudly to call your back. When SmartWallit Pro is low battery a cute dog will bark to remind you to charge SmartWallit Pro. When you use your wallet you could hear the sound of spring. 7. Distance shows on App's dashboard When you open App you can figure out the distance between SmartWallit Pro and your phone by the App’s dashboard. 8. Automatically remind you to deal with your everyday records Every day App will push you one message: "Do you have any records that you should deal with?" It can remind you to deal with your everyday records. The time when you receive above message can be adjusted on App's setting menu. 9. Reminder of luggage approaching You could put SmartWallit Pro into luggage before you board a plane. When you get off a plane and your luggage with SmartWallit Pro is approaching to you Your phone will push message to remind you that your luggage is approaching to you..

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