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Caesareans are a possible outcome of any birth. Even the most straightforward pregnancy can end this way. Being prepared for such an eventuality can significantly improve your chances of viewing a caesarean birth positively. Unfortunately many antenatal classes and birth books give very little information about caesareans, leaving women unprepared for this mode of birth. This book has the facts and lots of ideas to help you prepare and recover: - Why prepare for a caesarean birth? - How to make the most of a caesarean birth, should you have one - How to avoid a caesarean if possible - How to improve your recovery - What a caesarean birth is and why it might be necessary - The benefits and risks of vaginal versus caesarean birth - The implications of caesareans on future births Covering every aspect of caesareans this book will help you to make confident, informed decisions about your birth. A positive birth experience will put you in a stronger position for your adventure into motherhood. "I am so glad I read this book before my birth. I didn't intend having a caesarean but when it happened I wasn't at all frightened and I fed 'S' in the recovery room. This book thoroughly demystified caesarean birth for me, it is a must read for anyone planning to have a baby and I will definitely be buying it for my friends." Vicki (35) "At long last pregnant women can get the unbiased and easily digestible information they need about caesareans. They can have us...

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