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Compiles current research into the analysis and design of power electronic converters for industrial applications and renewable energy systems, presenting modern and future applications of power electronics systems in the field of electrical vehicles With emphasis on the importance and long-term viability of Power Electronics for Renewable Energy this book brings together the state of the art knowledge and cutting-edge techniques in various stages of research. The topics included are not currently available for practicing professionals and aim to enable the reader to directly apply the knowledge gained to their designs. The book addresses the practical issues of current and future electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and focuses primarily on power electronics and motor drives based solutions for electric vehicle (EV) technologies. Propulsion system requirements and motor sizing for EVs is discussed, along with practical system sizing examples. Key EV battery technologies are explained as well as corresponding battery management issues. PHEV power system architectures and advanced power electronics intensive charging infrastructures for EVs and PHEVs are detailed. EV/PHEV interface with renewable energy is described, with practical examples. This book explores new topics for further research needed world-wide, and defines existing challenges, concerns, and selected problems that comply with international trends, standards, and programs for electric power conversion, distribution, and sustainable energy development. It will lead to the advancement of the current state-of-the art applications of power electronics for renewable energy, transportation, and industrial applications and will help add experience in the various industries and academia about the energy conversion technology and distributed energy sources. Combines state of the art global expertise to present the latest research on power electronics and its application in transportation, renewable energy and different industrial applications Offers an overview of existing technology and future trends, with discussion and analysis of different types of converters and control techniques (power converters, high performance power devices, power system, high performance control system and novel applications) Systematic explanation to provide researchers with enough background and understanding to go deeper in the topics covered in the book

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